CFTC - Commitments of Traders Report Update

How the COT Report Is Generated, and How the Data Is Used

Includes video demo of FX Commitment of Traders Tool

Several recent articles and studies have looked at the possible impact speculators and index funds might be having on commodity prices. Some of these reports include data on the aggregate positions each of these categories of participants maintain in individual markets. The source for this data is a weekly report published by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") called the Commitments of Traders Report ("COT"). 

The COT report provides a breakdown of open interest in futures and options markets by trader category. However, the data provided by the CFTC can be interpreted in many different ways. This research note will explain how the COT report is generated and provide you with a better understanding of how the data is used by market analysts.

Watch our video demonstration that provides an easy-to-follow how-to explanation of the information displayed in the Commitment of Traders FX tool and how you might apply that information for your trading strategies.

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