Wang Sanshou

Mr Wang Sanshou is the founder of Jusfoun Big Data Group Co., Ltd., and holds the position of Executive President at the Guiyang Big Data Exchange. In addition, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the China University of Political Science and Law.

Mr Wang was among the few who had a hand in drafting the 13th 5-Year Plan for the Big Data Industry and has been appointed to various prestigious roles, including as Member of the National Committee of Experts on Internet Financial Security Technology, Vice Chairman of the Internet Financial Association of Guiyang, Secretary General of the National Federation of Big Data Traders, Vice Chairman of the Mobile Finance Division under the China Electronic Commerce Association, Chairman of the Greater China Big Data Association, Vice Chairman of the Asia Division of ICSB China and Member of the China Young Entrepreneurs Association. He was conferred the title of “2015 Top Ten Guizhou Big Data Doyens” in March 2016, was recognized as one of “China’s Top 10 Most Influential Persons in the Big Data Industry” by the State Information Center in 2017 and was elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of the China University of Political Science and Law in 2017.

Mr Wang was a pioneer in championing the concept of “big data assets operations” in China. As a guiding force behind the domestic big data industry, he participated in the development of the Ministry of Industry and Information’s 13th 5-Year Plan for the Big Data Industry and in the formulation of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee’s Application Standards for the Big Data Industry, Security Standards for Big Data, Trading Standards for Big Data in China as well as the Technical Standards for Big Data.

Banking on his keen business acumen and vision, Mr Wang Sanshou started Jusfoun Big Data in 2010, and a mere three years later, the company had vaulted to the forefront, becoming the benchmark for China’s big data industry. On 31 December 2014, he led Jusfoun Big Data (in partnership with the Municipal Government of Guiyang) in establishing Guiyang Big Data Exchange - the very first data exchange center in China, and, perhaps even the world. The Exchange was officially opened on 14 April 2015, with Premier Li Keqiang personally penning his comments on 8 May.

Mr Wang’s ideology on big data assets operations and big data trading have garnered intense interest, and not surprisingly, numerous government agencies and corporations have flocked to seek out his views. Mr Wang had also taken upon himself to introduce the application and development prospects of the big data industry to dozens of leaders from the central and local governments, including Vice Premier Ma Kai, Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology Huai Jinpeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance Liu Kun as well as the then CPC Secretary of Guizhou Province Chen Min’er. In 2016, Mr Wang successfully steered Jusfoun Big Data through three rounds of funding totaling more than RMB 1.2 billion, which was a record for China’s big data start-ups.

Myriad mainstream media, including the likes of CCTV, Phoenix TV, Beijing TV, Guizhou TV, Jilin TV, Guangming Online, RMZXB, IFENG.COM, CE.CN, China News, First Financial Daily, China Economic Times, the Economic Observer, China Times, Stock Star, Lanzhou Daily, Guizhou Daily, Business China and Cyzone have all hosted and interviewed Mr Wang at various times.

The documentary film “Wang Sanshou: Mad about Big Data”, produced under the purview of the Office of the Central Leading Group of Cyberspace Affairs, was aired by CCTV on 7 December 2015, in which Mr Wang shared his business experiences and proffered his take on big data trading and the industry’s development in China.

Further, he was invited to a closed-door symposium chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on 25 May 2016 - the eve of the 2016 China Big Data Industry Summit, by virtue of his pre-eminent standing within the Big Data industry.

On 19 June 2016, CCTV-2’s hit financial program, “Dialogue”, extended a special invitation to Mr Wang Sanshou to partake in a high-level exchange on China’s big data industry.