• Date: Friday, 05 May 2017
  • Time: 08:00 AM CDT
  • Location: Chicago
  • Sponsoring Firm: INTL FCStone

In today’s turbulent energy markets, it can seem as though volatility is the only constant – siphoning off profits and clouding long-term strategy. Fortunately, companies can manage this volatility with proven risk management tools and strategies that can help protect their margins and energize their profits – even in difficult markets.

That’s why INTL FCStone is hosting a series of 2-day energy risk management seminars this year to help companies accomplish these goals. Developed and presented by our expert consultants and educators, these hands-on executive seminars will help attendees:

  • Gain an informative overview of the commodity markets and the full spectrum of financial instruments used for hedging, including futures, options, swaps and options on swaps.
  • Better understand how producers and end users can use risk-management strategies to help achieve budget objectives.
  • Find out how wholesalers can make effective use of contracting techniques.
  • Discover improved methods for physical purchasing using forward contracts and shipping via pipeline.
  • Learn specific strategies to minimize shrinking retail margins

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to gain a solid understanding of futures, options, swaps and other risk-management products will benefit from attending. Regardless of experience level, attendees will come away with the knowledge and confidence to use risk management strategies to help improve their company’s bottom line, including:

  • CFOs, CEOs and COOs
  • Directors and Managers of fuel purchases
  • Key Accounting Personnel
  • Controllers and Supply Managers
  • Sales Staff

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