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  • Getting Technical: Trading Falling Wedges


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at trading falling wedges, a bullish pattern identified by two converging trend lines. Read more.

  • CME European Trade Repository EMIR RTS Overview


    Get an overview of EMIR Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for CME European Trade Repository, including a timeline, key fields, and more.

  • Financial Trends to Watch in Second Half of 2017


    The U.S. dollar losing its safe-haven status, euro gaining in value despite Fed rate hikes and regional trade pacts are among trends to watch through 2017.

  • Gasoline Demand Stagnant Despite Record Driving


    Americans are driving more miles than ever with the drop in oil prices, but the demand for gasoline has been stagnant due to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • Classic Bond Futures Soar the Gap


    Read about Classic Bond futures, one of the most successful fixed income products in terms of market liquidity, trading volume and open interest.

  • Oil: Economic Landscape of Saudi Arabia


    Saudi Arabia has been burning through its currency reserves amid the fall in oil prices. Is the economy heading toward peril or will reforms save the day?

  • Overview of Interest Rate Inter-Commodity Spreads


    Get an overview of inter-commodity spreads for interest rate products, including key benefits, mechanics, pricing and more.

  • CME Group Monthly Coal Report


    This document is a summary of previous month ADV, monthly volume and open interest for CME Group's suite of coal products. Read full report.

  • Volatility is Lethargic Even as Uncertainty Abounds


    Uncertainty and volatility are different risk management concepts. More uncertainty does not necessarily mean more volatile markets, as in the U.S.

  • Getting Technical: Moving Average Support Levels


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options covers how to find opportunities using moving average support levels and an adapted option strategy. Read now.

  • June: The FX Report


    Keep up with the FX markets in June, including futures ADV of 931,928, record Weekly options ADV and the migration of blocks and EFRPs.

  • Could Fed Rate Hikes Trigger Flight to Quality?


    As interest rates in the United States go higher over the next two years, will it trigger a flight to quality into bonds on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean?

  • FAQ: Australian Wheat Futures


    Get answers to frequently asked questions about Australian Wheat FOB (Platts) futures, including the underlying reference, final settlement and more.

  • Getting Technical: Support/Resistance Overlap


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at the support/resistance overlap strategy, including why former support levels become a resistance mark.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • June Options Review


    Read the June Options Review for trends and highlights in the options markets, including record open interest of 71.7 million contracts on June 15

  • Terry Duffy Talks Markets on Fox Business


    CME Group Chairman and CEO Terry Duffy joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Business' Coast to Coast to discuss trends and hot topics in the markets.

  • NYMEX Energy Options Update


    Watch Jeff White, Senior Director of Energy Products at CME Group, present a brief update on NYMEX Energy Options trading.

  • UK Economy Feels Heat of Complicated Brexit


    After the surprise outcome of the UK snap election, Britain's economy is feeling the weight of Brexit negotiations with the EU becoming more complicated.

  • June 2017 Metals Update


    Keep up with the June metals market, with information about precious, base and ferrous metals ADV, year-over-year comparison and more.

  • Crude Oil Demand versus Supply


    As crude oil prices slide, US drilling activity levels out with inventories falling to levels similar to a year ago. Read more

  • June Equity Index Products Review


    See top ADV, YTD ADV and OI for Equity Index products; overall equity volume averaged 3.2M contracts per day, OI averaged 8.9M per day in June.

  • ECB, BOE to Follow in Fed's Monetary Footsteps?


    The Fed has signaled multiple rate hikes in 2018 and 2019, which could be bullish for the dollar. How will the European Central Bank, Bank of England react?

  • Equities Divergence From Earnings a Red Flag?


    High-flying equities are showing no signs of restraint despite lackluster growth in corporate earnings. Does the divergence forebode a market correction?

  • Korean Won & Indian Rupee Swap Clearing


    Get an overview of two new swap cleared products, KRW and INR, including specs, procedures, and more.

  • Cleared OTC Initiatives - CME Group: An Overview


    Overview of cleared OTC products, services and customers protection at CME Group - 44 page PDF presentation from June 2013.

  • Cleared Latin American IRS (MXN & BRL)


    Read an overview of Latin American Interest Rate Swaps at CME Group, including details about the Mexican Peso (MXN) and the Brazillian Real (BRL).

  • Cleared OTC IRS Fee Details


    This document details information on OTC Cleared IRS customer fees, including transaction maturity and volume discounts. View the full schedule.

  • Will Fed Rate Hikes Stir Market Volatility?


    Years of low U.S. interest rates and Fed quantitative easing have sapped many markets of volatility. Will a series of rate hikes bring it back?

  • Gulf Basis Update


    The Gulf Basis Report, released quarterly, provides a history and current update of the Corn, Soybean, and Wheat basis at the Louisiana Gulf.