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  • Spotlight: Kansas City Hard Red Winter Wheat Futures


    Learn more about trading Kansas City Hard Red Winter Wheat futures, including open interest data and more.

  • Top 10 Traded Futures in Asian Hours


    View an infographic showing CME Group’s top 10 traded futures during Asian hours, including Eurodollars, 10-year Treasuries and more.

  • Getting Technical: Ascending Channels


    Learn more about ascending price channels when trading futures and options, including potential gain and more.

  • The Hightower Report - Energy Outlook


    Get an overview of what is happening in the Energy markets, including demand for oil outstripping supply, suggested trading strategies and more.

  • Why Trade COMEX Copper Futures?


    Keep up with recent developments in the COMEX Copper futures (HG) and options (HX), including 14 record open interest days. Read more.

  • Dairy Market Outlook Q2 2017


    Get an overview of the dairy markets during the second quarter of 2017, including milk production, and outlooks for cheese and butter.

  • Learn about Key Economic Events


    Learn about the important role key economic events play in moving the markets and how to watch those events to make the most of your trading strategy.

  • Getting Technical: Ascending Triangles


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options talks about ascending triangles, bullish patterns usually seen in an uptrend, and how to trade around this pattern.

  • March Options Review


    An overview of the March options markets, including all-time quarterly ADV record, record Interest Rates options traded, new Monday Weekly S&P 500 options.

  • March 2017 Metals Update


    Keep up with the Metals markets with this overview of the last month, including Precious Metals ADV +5% and multiple Aluminum records.

  • Managing Risks & Challenges in Picking Stocks


    Among asset managers, many are benchmarked to major equity indexes. Here are four reasons why it can be difficult to consistently outperform these indexes.

  • Monthly Energy Review


    The Monthly Energy Review is a global trading summary of the energy markets including archived reviews. View this month's review.

  • Monthly Agricultural Review


    The Monthly Agricultural Review is a global trading summary of the Grain, Oilseed and Livestock Markets including archived reviews. View the monthly review.

  • Monthly Metals Review


    The Monthly Metals Review is a global trading summary of our metals markets including archived reviews. View this month's review.

  • Growth of WTI Crude Liquidity in Forward Curve


    As WTI open interest and volume break historic levels, managing long-term crude oil risk has never been easier or more cost-effective.

  • NYMEX Energy Options Update


    Watch Jeff White, Senior Director of Energy Products at CME Group, present a brief update on NYMEX Energy Options trading.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • Terry Duffy Co-Hosts Fox Business


    CME Group CEO Terry Duff co-hosts Mornings With Maria on Fox Business to discuss recent financial trends and other hot topics.

  • Sunday Specials: French Elections, U.S. Budget Debate


    The two rounds of voting in the French elections fall on Sundays, while the U.S. budget debate that begins on a Friday will likely be settled on Sunday.

  • March Equity Index Products Review


    Get an overview of what is happening in the Equity Index markets in march, including product performance and trends in ADV and open interest.

  • Cleared Latin American IRS (MXN & BRL)


    Read an overview of Latin American Interest Rate Swaps at CME Group, including details about the Mexican Peso (MXN) and the Brazillian Real (BRL).

  • Getting Technical: Symmetrical Triangles


    Learn more about symmetrical triangles, areas of indecision in futures and options trading, where supply and demand are nearly equal.

  • Gold: About to Break Out of Lull in Volatility?


    The lack of volatility in gold has seen options prices slump, but is the market about to change course as Congress weighs in on major Trump initiatives?

  • Copper: Sustained Rally Hinges on China, Trump


    Can copper's sharp rally be sustained? It depends on whether China maintains its growth, and Congress approves infrastructure spending and tax reform.

  • Liquidity Measures for Interest Rate Products Reach Record Highs


    In the second half of 2016, Treasury markets and other interest rate products met multiple records and set many signifiers of market liquidity. Read more.

  • Storage Providers and Fees


    View a list of CME Group storage providers and fees for Precious and Base metals, gasoline, and coal. Read more.

  • Can Yield Curve Foretell a Coming Recession?


    The bond yield curve in relation to short-term rates is often a reliable indicator of a recession, and at the moment it is flashing the all-clear sign.

  • Getting Technical: Wedge Patterns


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at wedge patterns, when two converging trend lines come together in an apex, and how to trade it.

  • Equities: Event-Risk Storm on the Horizon?


    Equities could face event-risk turbulence as Congress attempts to legislate eagerly-awaited tax reforms, infrastructure spending and debt ceiling.

  • Market Movers: March 2017 USDA Prospective Plantings


    Industry experts preview the March 2017 USDA Prospective Plantings Report, focusing in on the Agricultural Markets.