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  • Cleared OTC Initiatives - CME Group: An Overview


    Overview of cleared OTC products, services and customers protection at CME Group - 44 page PDF presentation from June 2013.

  • CME Group Leading Products - Most Traded Futures and Options Contracts: Q3 2017


    A quarterly listing of CME Group's leading futures and options contracts. Shows the top contracts in terms of average daily volume and open interest for Interest Rates, Equities, Energy, Foreign Exchange (FX), Agricultural Commodities and Metals. This resource also includes information on recent product launches and global partnership data.

  • Leading Products Snapshot


    This guide lists CME Group's leading futures and options contracts by Average Daily Volume (ADV) across all asset classes.

  • Risk Management Tools and Services


    Watch this video to learn about CME Group Risk Management Tools, including CME Globex cred controls, FirmSoft and more.

  • Overview of Cleared OTC FX


    CME Group has worked closely with buy-side and sell-side participants to build a multi-asset class, market leading OTC clearing solution. Read the Overview.

  • Cleared Latin American IRS (MXN & BRL)


    Read an overview of Latin American Interest Rate Swaps at CME Group, including details about the Mexican Peso (MXN) and the Brazillian Real (BRL).

  • NYMEX Energy Options Update


    Watch Jeff White, Senior Director of Energy Products at CME Group, present a brief update on NYMEX Energy Options trading.

  • Getting Technical: The Support/Resistance Overlap Strategy


    This week’s Getting Technical with Futures and Options focuses on the support/resistance overlap strategy, happening right now in the markets.

  • CME Group Risk Management Tools Update: In Line Credit Controls (ICC)


    Watch a presentation explaining CME Group’s new risk management tool for CME Globex, Inline Credit Controls. Learn more about this tool.

  • Oil: Short-Term Versus Long-Term Price Scenarios


    U.S. shale technology is an evolving science that will continue to boost output even as fuel efficiency achieved through electric vehicles depletes demand.

  • Energy Markets: Stage Set for Higher Prices in Q4


    Get an overview of the U.S. crude markets, with several recent developments that could change the environment from tentatively bullish to definitively bullish.

  • Managing Aluminum Risk


    Get an overview of how to manage risk with Aluminum futures at CME Group, including contract offerings, historical volume and open interest.

  • Nikkei 225 Implied Inter-commodity Spreads


    Learn the benefits of Nikkei 225 Implied Inter-Commodity Spreads on CME Globex, including tighter markets, increased liquidity and more. Read now.

  • The FX Report: September


    Get an overview of the FX markets in September, including record FX open interest, new product launches and more.

  • Terry Duffy Talks Markets with Bloomberg News


    CME Group Chairman and CEO Terry Duffy talks markets with John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg News.

  • September Monthly Metals Update


    Keep up with the September Metals markets, including 70% increase in precious ADV YoY and open interest records in Copper options.

  • E-mini Russell 2000 Index Futures Spread Trading


    Learn how spreading small-cap index futures, like the E-mini Russell 2000, versus large- and mid-cap futures, can offer greater cost and capital efficiencies.

  • September Equity Index Products Review


    This month’s products review looks at continued growth for new Russell 2000 contracts, 2.7 million options contracts traded per day, and more.

  • Equities: Comparing Russell 2000 Versus S&P 500®


    The Russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks outperforms the large-cap S&P 500® during times of economic turbulence. Which is better for current conditions?

  • Getting Technical: Consolidation Patterns


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options covers the consolidation pattern, a useful tool to find good entry areas in the market. Read more.

  • September Options Review


    Follow the September options markets, including a surge in Treasury options ADV, growing volume in E-mini Russell 2000 options and more.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • Europe: How Markets View Unity vs. Disintegration


    Europe is being assailed by opposing groups championing greater unity verses lesser cooperation. What do markets favor -- integration or disintegration?

  • Interest Rate Liquidity Metrics Reach New Highs


    Read an update on key measures of futures market liquidity which shows record growth over the last 15 months.

  • Understanding EFRP Transactions


    Get an overview of Exchange for Related Position (EFRP) practices at CME Group, including how to enter EFRP trades and more.

  • October Rates Recap


    The October Rates Recap covers design considerations for futures on ARRC’s SOFR rate, new highs for liquidity metrics, and record Wednesday options.

  • Getting Technical: Death Cross


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at death cross, which occurs when a shorter-term moving average drops below the longer term moving average. Learn more.

  • Cleared Swaptions Overview - CME Group


    Read more about new Cleared Interest Rate Swaptions at CME Group, including benefits of trading, product scope, margin methodology, and more.

  • Options Markets Complacent Ahead of La Niña


    Implied volatility on grains options are at or near record lows in a sign that the markets might be unprepared for high volatility from a potential La Niña.

  • OTC Credit Default Swaps Clearing Fees


    This document contains information on OTC Credit Default Swap (CDS) fees, including fee schedules, volume discounts, fee reporting and billing. View the fee list.