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  • Weekly Gold Options on Futures


    Read about COMEX weekly Gold options on futures, physically settled, automatically exercised Gold options that complement our benchmark monthly Gold options. Learn more.

  • COMEX Copper Options on Futures


    Read about COMEX Copper options on futures, which offer a transparent, flexible tool for hedging and establishing price exposure, based on one of our flagship CME Group Base Metals futures contracts. Learn more.

  • Getting Technical: Symmetrical Triangle Breakouts


    Learn how to trade symmetrical triangle breakouts, an area of indecision, in a Bear options market. Read how today.

  • Fed Takes Lead in Unwinding Quantitative Easing


    The Fed will likely slash its balance sheet by 2023 to 12-1/2 percent of GDP, but will the Bank of Japan follow suit in unwinding its quantitative easing?

  • Gold Launches like a Ballistic Missile, Range Unknown


    When geopolitical tensions should have sent safe haven assets, like gold, extremely high, it actually declined, down 2.7% from the prior week. Read why.

  • Quantitative Easing: The Way Out for Central Banks


    How will central banks' unwinding of quantitative easing, starting with the Federal Reserve, impact financial markets in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

  • The FX Report: August


    Keep up with the FX markets in August, including record open interest and ADV, as well as details about Implieds and self-match prevention.

  • Getting Technical: Moving Average Support Levels


    This week’s Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at how to find opportunities using moving average support levels. Learn more.

  • Terry Duffy on CNBC Closing Bell


    CME Group Chairman & CEO Terry Duffy talks markets with Kelly Evans on CNBC's Closing Bell.

  • August Monthly Metals Update


    See how the metals markets have performed in August, including a 49% rise in ADV YoY for precious metals, and 57% rise in ADV Yoy for base metals. Read more.

  • August Equity Index Products Review


    Track the performance of top equity products at CME Group, including ADV of 2.7 million contracts, strong growth in Russell 2000 futures and options, and more

  • August Options Review


    Looks at trends and highlights for the top options products in each asset class as well as an overview of the options complex as a whole. Read more.

  • September Rates Recap


    The September Rates Recap offers registration for a SOFR webinar, a new paper on the future of LIBOR and a liquidity update on Treasury futures and options.

  • Gold: Risk from Diminished Rate Expectations


    The gains in precious metals amid diminishing expectations of multiple Fed rate hikes could be set back if Congress passes tax reform, infrastructure bill.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • The Oil Markets: Signs of Fundamental Change


    Low prices in the oil markets have led to a tapering of U.S. exploration. Look at how this drop has affected crude oil stocks. Learn more.

  • Getting Technical: Trading Trend Line Resistance


    Take advantage of a low-risk trading strategy, trend line resistance level breakouts.This trend appears when prices break above existing resistance levels.

  • The Likely Future Direction of Fuel Oil


    Futures, options and crack spreads may be a useful way to help manage looming uncertainty in the shipping markets. Read more.

  • Impact of Low Inflation Expectations on Wages


    The lackluster growth in U.S. wages can be attributed, in part, to expectations of low inflation, which has remained subdued for more than two decades.

  • Why is Wage and Productivity Growth Sluggish?


    Low inflation expectations, an expanding millennial workforce and more lower-wage jobs are behind the sluggish growth in U.S. wages and productivity.

  • Terry Duffy on Cavuto: Coast to Coast


    CME Group Chairman and CEO Terry Duffy joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network to discuss major issues impacting the markets.

  • Getting Technical: Death Cross


    Getting Technical with Futures and Options looks at the death cross trading pattern, when a short-term moving average crosses below the long-term moving average.

  • U.S. Treasury Futures Liquidity Update


    Read a report looking at the performance of key liquidity measures in the first half of 2017 compared to record levels of 2016.

  • Henry Hub Emerges as a Global Gas Benchmark


    The Wall Street Journal looks at Henry Hub as a global natural gas benchmark as U.S. natural gas reaches Europe, South America and Asia.

  • Australian Wheat: Enhancing our Global Reach


    Get a closer look at the new Australian Wheat futures at CME Group, which have enhanced the global reach of our wheat contract suite. Learn more.

  • Oil: U.S. Output and OPEC Production Cuts


    The trajectory of oil prices will depend on whether U.S. inventories continue to fall, OPEC members adhere to output cuts, and if U.S. production rises.

  • Uneven Debt Levels Complicate Eurozone Monetary Policy


    The varying level of debt among members of the 19-nation eurozone has complicated the European Central Bank's task to normalize monetary policy.

  • Getting Technical: Declining Trendline


    This week’s “Getting Technical with Futures and Options” looks at a declining trendline, one of the simplest tools used by technical analysts. Learn more.

  • Oil: Is Climbing U.S. Production About to Peak?


    OPEC production cuts to shore up prices are being countered by rising U.S. output. But is oil production in the most important swing producer about to peak?

  • Market Movers: August 25 Cattle on Feed Report


    Industry expert Rich Nelson, Chief Strategist for Allendale, Inc., discusses trading opportunities in advance of the August 25 Cattle on Feed Report.