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  • CME Direct Block Trade Submission


    Watch this video to learn about submitting block trades in CME Direct, including how to submit a block trade using OTC trade book, trading grid, and option block trades.

  • Case Study: Sector Rotation Post U.S. Election


    Read about using CME Group Select Sector futures as a tool for sector rotation as a risk management or tactical trading strategy. Learn more.

  • Case Study: Key Rate Duration Adjustment


    This report illustrates the effectiveness of a key rate duration adjustment and compares long options positions to equivalent straight futures hedge.

  • Will European Elections Strengthen Unity or Deepen Divide?


    Elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany on the heels of the surprise 'Brexit' vote could either strengthen European unity or deepen the divide.

  • Getting Technical: Bearish Counter-Attack Line


    This week’s Getting Technical with Futures and Options discusses a bearish counter-attack, when a white candlestick is in an uptrend and how to use the situation.

  • MiFID II/MiFIR Ancillary Activities Exemption


    View a flowchart created to help you understand the MiFID II ancillary activities exemption. Get more details and learn about the process.

  • 2016 Options Scorecard


    See the top contracts that made 2016 a record year for options on futures.

  • Hedging the Next Explosion in High-Yield Bond Spreads


    As the Fed gears up for rate hikes, any acceleration in the pace of monetary tightening could raise the risk of credit spreads ballooning like in 2007.

  • CME Group Monthly Coal Report


    This document is a summary of previous month ADV, monthly volume and open interest for CME Group's suite of coal products. Read full report.

  • Coal-Gas Switching in PJM Electricity Market


    This article takes a deeper look at the price impact of coal and gas over electricity in Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. Read now.

  • Trading Range Upward Breakout


    Getting Technical with Futures & Options covers trading range, a lateral pattern exhibiting market volatility and how upward breakout can help you.

  • Efficient U.S. Shale Producers a Challenge for OPEC


    Can OPEC's latest output cuts keep oil prices afloat? Cost-efficient shale producers in the United States will play a big role in the market's direction.

  • Will India Trump China as U.S. Policy Shifts?


    China's export-oriented economy could be set back by any shift in trade policy by the Trump administration while growth prospects in India are promising.

  • Infographic: Seven of the Most Noteworthy Trading Days of 2016


    View an infographic illustrating the seven most noteworthy trading days in 2016 and what we may have learned from them.

  • January 2017 Metals Update


    Review activity in the metals markets in January including Precious ADV up 32% YoY, increasing demand for base metals and Copper OI records.

  • Iron Ore Futures and Options Overview


    Read why you should be trading Iron Ore futures and options at CME Group, including the benefits of security, transparency and liquidity.

  • Tech Talk: Distributed Ledger Technology


    On this episode of Tech Talk podcast, Blythe Masters, Digital Asset CEO, discusses Distributed Ledger Technology.

  • January Options Review


    Options ADV reached a record yearly ADV of 3.13 million, while open interest hit an all-time record of 69.3 million contracts on December 15. Learn more.

  • Introduction to Options


    Learn how options work, how they are constructed, what key option terms mean and which features make options on futures unique.

  • Managing Event Risk in 2017


    The surprise outcomes of the Brexit vote and U.S. elections last year could be the harbingers of more political event risk in 2017, especially in Europe.

  • Precious Metals Spot Spreads Guidebook


    Review everything you need to know about the Precious Metals Spot Spreads, including contract specs, rules FAQ, and more.

  • Support/Resistance Overlap Strategy


    Getting Technical with Futures & Options looks at the support/resistance overlap strategy and the psychological process involved in these situations. Learn more.

  • January Equity Index Products Review


    Review the top-performing Equity Index products in January 2017, ADV and open interest trends, and updates on BTIC on major indices. Read now.

  • Monthly Metals Review


    The Monthly Metals Review is a global trading summary of our metals markets including archived reviews. View this month's review.

  • Monthly Agricultural Review


    The Monthly Agricultural Review is a global trading summary of the Grain, Oilseed and Livestock Markets including archived reviews. View the monthly review.

  • Monthly Energy Review


    The Monthly Energy Review is a global trading summary of the energy markets including archived reviews. View this month's review.

  • 2017 Metals Product Guide


    The 2017 Metals Product Guide is a compilation of all the information you need about CME Group Metals products, like contract specs, trade dates and more.

  • Will Tax Cuts Recreate Reagan Era Growth?


    Reagan era tax cuts at a time of high unemployment and a recession proved to be the right tonic to boost growth, but will they work this time around.

  • Bitcoin Pricing Products Conflicts Of Interest Policy


    Get an overview on how to deal with potential conflicts of interest in connection with Bitcoin Pricing Products. Learn more.

  • Bitcoin Pricing Products Oversight Committee Charter


    Get an overview of the Oversight Committee and its role in governing Bitcoin Pricing Products, including reviewing methodology and more.