AP Handbook

Read Melinda H. Schramm's guide to beginning a career as a registered futures and options Associated Person professional. This CME Group resource contains a job description and requirements for becoming an Associated Person through the National Futures Association.

Associated Person (AP): An individual who solicits orders, customers or customer funds (or who supervises persons performing such duties) on behalf of a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM),Introducing Broker (IB), Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) or Commodity Pool Operator (CPO). APs are the salespeople of the futures and options industry.

Registration with the NFA is required for everyone in the industry dealing with the public, with a few exceptions such as those people already registered with the Financial Industry National Regulatory Association (FINRA) in certain capacities. Men and women who supervise the sales activities of the APs, such as sales managers, must also be registered APs. APs work for brokerage houses or firms, individual introducing brokers and trading advisors and pool operators. Anyone whose career goal is to own his or her office will have to register as an AP.

If you want to solicit funds, securities or property for participation in a commodity pool or for a discretionary account to trade futures and options interests, you are also required to register as an AP.

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