Global Commodity Investment Roundtable: Accessing Commodities

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Recorded on September 12, 2012

Watch this informative discussion from the Global Commodity Investment Roundtable. Accessing Commodities explored the differences in performance patterns, correlation benefits, inflation-hedging and market access of the various commodity-investing vehicles (ETFs vs. ETNs, passive vs. active long-only funds, hedge funds and CTAs).

Presented by CME Group, this exclusive one-day academically driven event brought together the commodity industry's foremost decision makers and thought leaders to provide institutional investors with the high-level market insights and education needed to advance within the commodity marketplace.

Featured Speakers:

  • Moderator Dan Raab, Managing Director and Head of Commodity Investor Marketing and Structuring, UBS
  • Nathan EbelingPartner and Head of Trading, Ospraie Management
  • Jason GersteinQuantitative Portfolio Manager, Tudor’s Systems Trading Group
  • Doug HepworthDirector of Research, Gresham Investment Management
  • Hans KumarPortfolio Manager; Director of Research, AC Investment Management
  • Martin KremensteinCIO & COO at DB Commodity Servies LLC.