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If you wish to buy, sell or lease a CME, CBOT or NYMEX membership, please review the following bids and offers of currently available “seats” or memberships.


CME Memberships for Lease

  • Lessors are requested to contact the Leasing Information Line "LIL" at (312) 930-3414 or the Shareholder Relations and Membership Services Department (Shareholder/Membership Department) at (312) 930-3480 to initially list a membership interest available for lease. Listing must be received by 6 p.m. to be included on the next day's list. This list is updated at least once per day by 10 a.m. each morning.
  • Names will be posted on this list for five (5) business days. To renew your listing, please call the LIL voice mail renewal at (312) 930-3414.
  • All names will be listed on the "Membership Interests for Lease" section in date order as they are received by the Shareholder/Membership Department.


Last updated: April 16, 2014 4:46 PM CDT [Chicago Time]
CME Division

Available for Lease

LessorDate AvailableContact PersonPhone No.Lease Price
Milton Rich Marital Exempt Trust04/22/14Bernard Doyle(312) 782-5600--
Lucian Sezonov Trust Dated 12/27/91immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
IMM Division

Available for Lease

LessorDate AvailableContact PersonPhone No.Lease Price
Donna Shannon Mulchrone Living TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Donald L. Minucciani Trust Dated 12/12/84immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Susan C. Gruebnau Declaration Of Trust U/A DTD. 11/21/2006immediatelyBernard Doyle(312) 782-5600--
Jean L Geurkink TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
K.G. Birks Marital TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Lorrayne LTDimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Mark J. MullerimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
Philip L. GlassimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Dolores M. Crilly Living Trust Dated 9/14/92immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Walter A. BroussardiimmediatelyGeorge Klahn(312) 341-7725--
Edmund R. PruchaimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
Michael B. DolanimmediatelyMichael Dolan(405) 371-0804--
David T. YobimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Richard P. ClarkeimmediatelyLaura McGuire(312) 795-7661--
Joseph M. PartipiloimmediatelyDonna Dugdale(312) 347-4994$800/mo.
Lawrence W. LevinimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
The Marjorie Susan Bennett Trust Dated May 15, 2007immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Dennis C. SuderimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
David S. McElwainimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Marvin Steinberg Revocable Trust II Dated January 25, 2002immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Lois B. Siegel Declaration Of Trust Dated July 25, 1996immediatelyKathy Holloway(219) 218-1095--
Thomas E. KalawayimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012$700.00/mo.
Daniel B. FormanimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Robin S. HirschimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Harvey C. Paffenroth Jr.immediatelyLaura McGuire(312) 795-7661--
IOM Division

Available for Lease

LessorDate AvailableContact PersonPhone No.Lease Price
Susan C. Gruebnau Declaration Of Trust U/A DTD. 11/21/2006immediatelyBernard Doyle(312) 782-5600--
Pauline Jesser Family Trust Dated 10/22/84immediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Nicholas D. GabrioneimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
Savinothree, LLCimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Mark R. KellnerimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
Mona Kravitz Declaration Of Trust DTD 8/11/98immediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Michael D. OkunimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Carl W. Peterson JR. Trust Under Declaration Dated April 5,immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
John E. Diversey Jr.immediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
Harry G. KarkazisimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
James S. SchmittimmediatelyKevin Casey(312) 435-5905--
Burton L. Shender TrustimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Charles Ponoroff Trust Dated 11/2/88immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
PAL Properties II, L.P.immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
David S. Gassel Children'S TrustimmediatelyKathy Holloway(219) 218-1095--
Suzann E. KogenimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
John M. FifeimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
The Bluebonnet Partners Family Trust Dated 11/11/11immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Nancy A. McCarthyimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Howard L. DardickimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Stephanie M. BournakisimmediatelyChris Askew(773) 418-7019--
Philip MaysterimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Peter Jentel Trust Under Trust Agreement Dated 8/1/2003immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 703-3463--
Reeder Family Trust D/T/D 3/1/89 As AmendedimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Frank S. SerrinoimmediatelyBill Levinske(312) 408-9422--
Lili Ann ZisookimmediatelyCynthia Lee(312) 943-1812 ext. 10--
Sherry PellerimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Trust Agreement Of Thomas A. Cicardo And Lori L. CicardoimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-66303 mos. @ $275
Larry M. GrossmannimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Donald L. Minucciani Trust Dated 12/12/84immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
James G. PondelimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Jeffrey S. WorleyimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Ronald HeftmanimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Mediterranean Trading CO.immediatelyTracy Christie(773) 616-3069--
Mediterranean Trading CO.immediatelyTracy Christie(773) 616-3069--
Alice KelleyimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Minnie GoldsmithimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Morris Zemel Trust Declaration Dated 11/18/96immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Patricia M. Spagat Trust Dated 4/27/06 As AmendedimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Keystone Trading CorporationimmediatelyKevin Casey(312) 435-5905--
Edward J. VerdinoimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Sidney S. FrankimmediatelyTracy Christie(773) 616-3069--
H. Phillip BeckerimmediatelyKathy Holloway(219) 218-1095--
Sara Barach 1992 TrustimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Alan Gordon Rottman Revocable TrustimmediatelyKevin Casey(312) 435-5905--
D. Robert JordanimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Diane P. RobinsonimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Steven L. KrupnickimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Keith R. FehserimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
George Segal Revocable TrustimmediatelyTheresa(312) 559-8812--
Trust A Marital Fund Under The Will Of John F. McKerr DatedimmediatelyKathy(312) 786-9140--
Richard GlassmanimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Tedd M. Muersch Trust Dated 12/10/91immediatelyTed Muersch(708) 205-8333$275/mo.
GEM Division

Available for Lease

LessorDate AvailableContact PersonPhone No.Lease Price
Harold C. Stein Revocable TrustimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Frederick & Barbara J. Hoekstra Trust U/T/A Dated 10/30/97immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Barnett Bakal Revocable Trust U/A/D 12/28/88immediatelyTheresa(312) 559-8812--
William F. KulpimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Robert G. MulchroneimmediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
K.G. Birks Marital TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Kraig L. DippoldimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Alan V Mitchell 1998 TrustimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Charles J. RileyimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Arthur G. Lyle Revocable TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Woodrow H. LevinimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Alan V. BushimmediatelyAlan Bush(630) 234-1420--
Trust Agreement Of Thomas A. Cicardo And Lori L. CicardoimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-66306 mo. @ $75
Seymour H. Persky Revocable Trust Dated September 27, 2000immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Marsha A. BrowdyimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Marc B. HirschimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Richard D. KohnimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
John M. Baker Jr.immediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Paul S. DoppeltimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Todd S. NewbergerimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Thomas F. Pace Trust Dated 8-28-08immediatelyMargie DeLorme(312) 800-7012--
James R. LevinsonimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Megan M. VanhazebroeckimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Susan M. Serota TrustimmediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Juliana Raduenzel Revocable Living Trust Dated 5/13/08immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
J. Timothy Kelley Trust Dated 9/17/05immediatelyKaren Matrenec(708) 757-6630--
Stephen R.J. AdieimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116$125
Michael D. MontgomeryimmediatelyMichael Montgomery(219) 787-8300--
Robert C. BeneckeimmediatelyRobert Benecke or Laura McGuire(949) 831-9770 or (312) 795-7661--
Teresa F. ColellaimmediatelyLaura McGuire(312) 795-7661--
Linda F. ChannickimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Barry J. Lind Revocable Trust U/A/D 12/19/89immediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
William H. WaldockimmediatelyPaula McKinney(847) 730-3463--
Martin J. GepsmanimmediatelyLaura McGuire(312) 795-7661--
Hershel H. Herrendorf Revocable TrustimmediatelyHershel Herrendorf(312) 649-5815$1000 for 12 months
Richard I. AtlasimmediatelyBecky Christie(312) 604-6116--
Pines Family Living Trust Agreement Dated 2/28/00immediatelyMaria(312) 604-8809--

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