COMEX Corporate Membership

COMEX corporate membership allows member firms to receive preferential fees and performance bond rates on their proprietary trading of eligible COMEX products when such proprietary trading activity is conducted in accordance with CME Group Fee Policies.

Exchange Memberships

CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX memberships are entirely separate from one another and offer access to different products at different rates. To trade specific products, you must be a member of the Exchange on which they trade. 

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Eligibility and Requirements

Read the detailed requirements of becoming a COMEX corporate member.

For more information on COMEX corporate memberships, refer to the

View the COMEX Rulebook.

COMEX Rule 106.J. Membership Eligibility and Requirements

Hedge Funds, commodity pools, banks, futures commission merchants, foreign brokers, broker-dealers, commodity trading advisors, introducing brokers, commercial entities, proprietary trading firms, and other corporate entities are eligible for COMEX Rule 106.J. Member Firm status and may receive reduced exchange fee rates on their proprietary trading activity when such activity is conducted in accordance with CME Group Fee Policies. 

The member firm is required to own or have assigned to it two COMEX memberships. Shares of CME Group stock are not required.

The trading activity of parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, or customers of the member firm are not eligible for preferential exchange fee rates.

For hedge fund and commodity pool member firms, only the proprietary trading activity of the hedge fund member firm is eligible for preferential exchange fee rates and the rates do not apply to the trading activity of its investment manager, affiliated funds, investors, parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, or customers.

Managed accounts are not eligible for preferential exchange fee rates.

For additional information on trading membership including seat ownership and assignment requirements, refer to rule 106.J. in the COMEX rulebook.

COMEX Membership Pricing

Historical Pricing

Applying for a COMEX Corporate Membership

Once you have decided COMEX corporate membership is right for you, you may apply for corporate membership by completing and submitting the appropriate application for corporate membership and all required documents to CME Group’s Concierge Team. 

Please select the appropriate application form:

Return a scanned copy of the application and all applicable supporting documentation to: 

CME Group Concierge Services

CME Group Inc.
c/o Concierge Team
20 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606


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