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Recent headlines have described a series of dramatic movements in the financial markets. While many of those movements impact stock prices, as well as what we pay for groceries, gas or loan rates, not everyone really understands how it all works. Futures Fundamentals is an online resource to help explain what those markets mean to everyday life. With easy-to-understand content that everyone from high school to financial professors will find useful, the site makes understanding markets simple. It take investing concepts like futures, hedging and speculating and shows how they play an essential role in the world around us.

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Derivatives Made Simple


OpenMarkets features posts sharing perspectives from industry experts and thought leaders on how concepts presented on can impact the lives of everyday people. View the latest post that highlights some of the website’s new features including the For Educators section, a collection of our best articles, videos and infographics that serve as an essential resource for teachers and students, as well as a trading tutorial and simulator!

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