CBOT is a Designated Contract Market that offers products subject to CBOT rules and regulations.


View product information for products subject to the rules and regulations of CBOT, including intra-day and settlement quotes, contract specifications, product calendars, and performance bonds/margins.

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Rules and Regulations

Market Regulation * **

Market Regulation protects market integrity and enforces rules that protect market participants.

Advisory Notices

Stay up-to-date with changing regulations.

Board of Directors

Learn more about the members of our Board of Directors.

Oversight Committee

The committee reviews the policies and programs of our Market Regulation.

CBOT RuleBook

Read the rules governing the CBOT Exchange.

Management Team

Read about the senior leadership at CME Group.


Settlement Reports

Get daily and historical settlement data for volume, open, close, and more.

Volume Reports

Get daily volume and open interest for products on CME Group Exchanges.

Daily Bulletins

Read daily bulletins for the volume, products, or exchange you are interested in.

CBOT Delivery Reports

Reports detail daily delivery activity as well as issues and stops, and more.

Futures Fundamentals

Learn the role of the futures markets in everyday life and the fundamentals of the derivatives markets.

Block Trades

Learn about block trades, privately negotiated transactions executed apart from the public market.


Clearing Membership

Clearing memberships, which allow eligible firms to directly clear transactions with CME Clearing

Corporate Memebership

Corporate membership allows approved firms to receive preferential fees on their proprietary trading.

Individual Membership

Individual membership allows approved individuals to receive preferential fees on their proprietary trading.

*Please contact the Market Regulation team regarding regulatory or market integrity issues or questions at +1 312 341 7970.

**If you have questions concerning oversight of clearing member firms, please contact the Audit Department at +1 312 930 3230.