Tiered Credit Account Structure

The tiered credit account structure is a clearing model that allows clearing members to permission a Delegated Intermediary to create and manage their customer accounts in CME ClearPort, creating a more simplified and streamlined way to manage risk.

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Benefits for Delegated Intermediary

  • Preserve customer anonymity from FCM
  • Ease of customer onboarding:
    • Ability to simply add and remove customers
    • If customer is not registered, Delegated Intermediary can be tagged as the owner of customer account
  • Directly manage credit at trading sub account level
  • Monitor credit utilization at the Delegated Intermediary account level for its customers

Benefits for CME Clearing Members

  • Simplified account and credit management
  • Management of credit at the master account level while Delegated Intermediaries manage credit at trading sub account level independently
  • Save time, money and regulatory burden without having to onboard customers or create accounts which is now done by Delegated Intermediary
  • Participate in CME Clearing for broader customer base


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