The Global Clearing Solution

We have created a best-in-class global clearing solution covering 21 currencies of interest rate swaps, FX NDFs (EM and G10) and OTC FX options*. Meet your local regulatory clearing obligations, mitigate your uncleared margin requirements, access global liquidity and achieve unparalleled capital efficiencies with CME.

* Seven currency pairs of cash settled FX options due to go live in Q4 2017

21 Currencies for IRS

Backed by the strength of CME Group’s $6 trillion a day interest rate complex, our portfolio margining allows you to capitalise on the margin efficiencies of 21 currencies of IRS against swaptions, Eurodollar futures, MAC Swap futures, Treasury futures and Fed Fund futures. This offering is supported by 15 FCMs and utilised by nearly 400 accounts to deliver $2.7bn in savings.*

* as of 20 March 2017

Flexible Collateral

We accept an extensive range of collateral for initial margin to match our global customer base:

  • Cash in 18 currencies
  • IEF2
  • IEF4
  • IEF5
  • U.S. Treasuries
  • U.S. Agencies and MBS
  • Government debt from nine countries

Regulatory Standing

Our regulatory standing in multiple jurisdictions enables you to fulfil your local clearing obligations with CME in multiple locations including: the U.S., Europe, Canada*, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

*Quebec, Ontario and Alberta

Time Zones versus Opening Hours

You can clear in real-time 24 hours a day, five days a week regardless of your time zone.

Global Offering

We have a history of innovation and continue to deliver product enhancements in line with customer demand. We successfully launched Korean Won and Indian Rupee swap clearing on 10 July, reinforcing our position as a truly global company with the broadest product offering of any CCP.

Growing Global Ecosystem

The CME ecosystem of both liquidity providers and buy-side end user customers is truly global and continues to grow.

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