Margin Services

Facilitating Capital Efficiencies for a Capital Constrained World

CME Margin Services has saved market participants as much as $5 billion in overnight funding costs, and provided indicative margin savings up to 91%.The CME Clearing Online Risk Engine (CORE) Margin API is licensed to more than 60 entities. 

Margin services at CME Group offer simple, easy-to-use tools to integrate with and connect you to powerful engines.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced bilateral counterparty credit risk & freed credit lines
  • Improved capital ratios and lowered capital charges
  • Operational efficiency to market participants 

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CME Margin Services offers powerful analytics to help you effectively mitigate risk.

Margin Calculation

Obtain margin requirement for needs across the trading lifecycle

Real-Time Positions and Analytics

Get instant access to positions and margin requirements across accounts throughout the day

“What If” Margin Analysis

Import hypothetical or cleared portfolios for analysis

Portfolio Optimization

Optimize initial margin offsets to maximize portfolio margining opportunities

Coupon Blending and Netting

Use Innovative solutions to reduce gross notional outstanding

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