Standard Acceptable Collateral and Resources

CME Clearing manages billions of dollars each day in the process of balancing accounts and maintaining performance bonds/margins.

CME Clearing is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clearing firms and end-clients in regards to collateral acceptance while accepting a diverse portfolio of assets. CME Clearing will consider the acceptance of additional collateral types, given that it is high quality and highly liquid collateral that is appropriate for the industry. For more information, click here.

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  • Types of collateral that can be used
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Guaranty Fund

Guaranty Fund collateral may be in the form of USD cash or U.S. Treasury bills, floating rate notes, notes or bonds.

All securities must be denominated in multiples of $5,000. Stripped securities and securities dated prior to January 1, 1973, are not acceptable.

T-Bonds may not exceed 10 years time to maturity.

Please contact Clearing House Financial Unit at +1 312 207 2594 for more information.