Rotational Analyst Program

CME Group recruits and develops future leaders through our Rotational Analyst Program. The program provides a unique opportunity to learn our business from a cross-functional perspective.

Over a span of two years, participants gain a broad base of experience in the financial services industry as they complete six-month rotations in four of CME Group’s core business units, including Clearing, Finance, Legal & Regulatory, Global Operations, Products & Services, Strategy & Execution, and Technology.  After that time, analysts will work with our Human Resources department and their mentors to pursue a full-time role as a senior analyst within any of the particular business units listed above. 

The application process for the Rotational Analyst Program is currently closed.

"CME Group’s Rotational Analyst Program is an exceptional opportunity that allows an analyst to learn across all the business units. It opens the door to not only learn from some of the most intellectual individuals in the business, but also to work alongside them in day-to-day operations. Having the ability to rotate across various departments has challenged me to expand my knowledge of the business, allowed me to develop lasting relationships and given me insight into areas I may have never been exposed to otherwise. The Rotational Analyst Program is truly a unique and positive experience."

— Kaitlin Meyer, Retail Client Development & Sales (University of Chicago, Class of 2010)


Rotation assignments will most likely take place in our Chicago Loop locations.


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We’re looking for smart, motivated individuals with diverse educational backgrounds to help drive our future success and share in our collective achievements. Candidates should have:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to learn quickly and a demonstrated ability to work in high-pressure situations
  • Desired GPA of 3.5 or above
  • A completed bachelor’s degree by the start of the program (all majors accepted)


To ensure that rotational analysts get the most out of the program, they are a paired with a mentor who serves as their advisor. Mentors are employees at leadership levels who have the appropriate networks and institutional knowledge to help participants grow their expertise.  For the first rotation, analysts are assigned to work in their mentor’s division.  For subsequent rotations, they will work with their mentor and CME Group management to determine the best fit depending on their preferences and abilities, as well as project availability.